7-Day Training Plan

Take a 2-minute survey to get a program that addresses your skill development, fitness, schedule, and goal preferences. Personal trainers are costly and it's difficult to sift through the internet for a structured day-to-day program. With your custom program, you can get access to a week's worth of soccer and fitness drills that can be replicated for weeks or months to come.

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How would you rate your current technical skill level in soccer?

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How comfortable are you with ball control, passing and shooting?

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How would you describe your current fitness level?

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How many hours a week do you dedicate to physical conditioning?

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How many hours a week do you plan to dedicate to soccer practice?

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How many days a week do you plan to train for soccer?

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What are your main goals in soccer?

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The average score is 74%


How It Works

After taking this quiz, you will be assigned to your custom guide which contains your player development archetype. We find it essential to benchmark where you currently are at with your soccer goals in order to successfully develop your skills.

When you purchase the program it will be sent to your email address and will contain all the resources in a file. You can then immediately start your week of training.

Why Should I Take The Quiz?

Although the quiz asks simple questions it achieves a few things.

  1. It helps you identify your goals and think deeply about where you are at with your game. Plus it only takes a few minutes tops!
  2. It will assign a custom program to you based on your input in the player quiz. Sifting through the internet takes hours if not days to find what you need for your development.
  3. Once assigned a custom program, it is extremely affordable compared to a personal trainer.

Receiving your custom program through our player quiz will take out the guesswork in your training and make your soccer training program accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality.

What Can I Expect?

The quiz:

  • 7 questions
  • Receive your custom program in a few clicks

The custom program:

  • Receive your soccer archetype (inside the guide)
  • 7-day structure
  • Daily to do’s
  • Drills and exercises with descriptions and visuals

The program you’re assigned to will align to your schedule, goals, and skill level. If by chance you feel it doesn’t suit you, email ethan@skillfulsoccer.com!