Best Soccer Net For Toddlers: Top 9 Picks for Your Little Kicker

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The best soccer net for toddlers are a great way to get your little one exercising and having fun. I researched and tested 9 soccer goals and found that the best toddler soccer net is the Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set. 

I’m an experienced collegiate soccer player with over 20+ years spent on the field and I know that some parents want to get their kids kicking early on, and others just want their toddlers to have fun.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best soccer nets designed with toddlers in mind. 

We understand the importance of catering to the diverse needs and preferences of our readers, so we’ll present a variety of options that cater to different budgets, spaces, and skill levels.

Let’s jump right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right soccer net for your toddler is crucial for fun, safety, and skill development
  • Our guide covers a diverse range of toddler-friendly options with various features
  • Important factors to consider when choosing a net include age-appropriateness, ease of setup, and space requirements

Best Soccer Net For Toddlers

We’ve compiled a list of 9 excellent options for your little sports enthusiast. We’ve taken into account factors such as ease of use, portability, and durability.

Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set: 

A great indoor and outdoor soccer set, it comes with a 24″ x 36″ net, soccer ball, and pump. It’s a more affordable option. 

Pros: The set is portable, foldable, and easy to store. 

Cons: Some users may find it too small for older kids. 

Pugg Pop-Up Soccer Goal: 

A convenient pop-up goal suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The dimensions are 25″D x 35″W x 1.5″H. 

Pros: Easy setup and portability.

Cons: Consist of potential durability issues over time. 

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal: 

A travel-friendly option for those on the go. The dimensions are 4’ x 3’ or 36″D x 48″W x 1.75″H.

Pros: Easy setup and sturdiness.

Cons: Can be tricky to fold for storage. 

Best Choice Products 3-in-1 Toddler Basketball Hoop: 

A versatile set including a soccer goal, basketball hoop, and ring toss. The dimensions are 19.7″(L) x 20.8″(W) x 39″(H).

Pros: Great for keeping your kids entertained. Made specifically for young toddlers.

Cons: Can be a bit bulky for small spaces. Doesn’t put away easily.

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set: 

Perfect for indoor play and basements. The dimensions are 18″D x 48″W x 30″H.

Pros: Easy to assemble and use while being sturdy. Comes with a set. Simple design

Cons: Some may find it a bit pricey for its size. 

GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goals

For backyard soccer practice, this set includes two 2.5′ round goals, six cones, and a carry bag.

Pros: Comes with a functional toddler training set. Great for indoors and outdoors. You’re getting a bang for your buck.

Cons: Quality and durability are average in comparison to other similar styled nets.

Kwik Goal Weighted Infinity Goal: 

A durable weighted mini soccer goal with a sturdy design. At its base, it’s 6’ wide.

Pros: The weighted base ensures stability.

Cons: Difficult for some to transport. Similar design as cheaper alternatives.

Happy Jump Soccer Goal: 

One of the most affordable toddler goals. Its simplistic design and affordability make it a great option no matter what. Its dimensions are 0.12″D x 0.08″W x 0.08″H.

Pros: Affordable and cleanest design on this review article.

Cons: Mainly for fun use. Very small in contrast to other options.

Quickplay Q-Fold Soccer Goal

A sturdy and lightweight soccer goal for backyard training. Made to be easily foldable. Its dimensions are 18.11″D x 96.06″W x 59.84″H.

Pros: Its simple setup and stability are a huge plus.

Cons: Mainly for backyard use and folding it might require some practice. More technical than the other pieces of equipment listed.

So now you’ve got some great options at your fingertips! These nets are perfect for introducing soccer to your toddlers and channeling their energy into a fun and healthy activity. Enjoy the game!

How to Choose the Right Soccer Net for Toddlers

Is it time to introduce your toddler to the world of soccer? Well, you’ll need the perfect soccer net! Here’s how to choose the right one for your little athlete.

Size matters: First things first, consider the size of the soccer net. The ideal toddler soccer net should be around 36″ x 24″. This size ensures that it’s not too big or too small for your child. Smaller nets, such as the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, keep the game manageable and fun.

Indoor or outdoor: Decide if you’d like to set up the soccer net indoors or outdoors. For indoor soccer play, convenience and safety are key, while a backyard soccer net can provide hours of fun outdoors.

Ease of setup and storage: Opt for soccer nets that are easy to set up and pack away, especially if you need to move them frequently or have limited space.

Extras and accessories: Consider soccer nets that come with additional items, like balls, pumps, and cones. A few options on this list offer a ball set with a pump.

Maintenance tips: To care for your soccer net, wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth and ensure all parts are secure. If you have a foldable soccer goal be mindful of the folding mechanisms and inspect them for wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do pop-up soccer goals compare for toddler use?

Pop-up soccer goals are an excellent option for toddler use. They’re lightweight, easy to set up and store, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The simple design and fast assembly make them ideal for young children who may not have the patience for more complex setups. Plus, pop-up soccer goals come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to find one that suits your toddler’s skill level and preferences.

What brands offer durable and safe soccer goals for young players?

Several reputable brands produce safe and durable soccer goals for young players. Examples include Franklin, FORZA, and GOLME. These brands prioritize quality materials, sturdy construction, and safety features in their designs to provide a secure and enjoyable environment for your toddler to develop their soccer skills. With their offerings, you can feel confident that your child is playing with a reliable and age-appropriate soccer net.

Our Verdict

After carefully considering various options, Franklin Sports Kids Mini Goal Set is the top contender for the best soccer nets for toddlers. It comes with a mini soccer goal net play set for children. The package includes a rubber ball + pump.

Regardless of what you are looking for, consider factors such as:

  • Purpose: Evaluate whether indoor or outdoor play is more suitable for your toddlers.
  • Quality: Compare star ratings and read user reviews for a better understanding of each product.
  • Price: Make a decision based on your budget and the value you perceive from each product.

What’s The Next Step?

If your child is at the age where player development is a concern, check out our best soccer drills to help them kickstart their soccer journey and become an elite player.

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