Best Soccer Training Equipment: 7 Must-Haves To Up Your Game

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The best soccer training equipment is a game-changer when it comes to honing your skills on the field, and its importance for player development can’t be overstated.

Whether you’re a player, a coach, or a supportive parent, the right equipment can make a significant difference in elevating your game or guiding your team to the next level. 

Having played at the highest levels in the American soccer system and now competing as a collegiate athlete, I’ve experienced firsthand how the proper tools can sharpen techniques and improve overall performance.

Imagine stepping onto the pitch with increased confidence, improved ball control, and the strength to outlast opponents. This is precisely what quality training equipment can offer.

Let’s not forget the benefit for coaches and parents; they provide structured, engaging, and effective training sessions that foster a love for the game while building formidable soccer players.

So let’s dive into the world of soccer training equipment.

Key Takeaways

Best Goal: SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal
Best Rebounder: Quickplay Soccer Rebound Board
Best Soccer GPS Tracker Vest: Catapult One GPS Vest
Best Soccer Mannequin: Forza Soccer Mannequin
Best Agility Poles: Champion Sports Outdoor Agility Poles
Best Agility Ladder: GHB Pro Agility Ladder
Best Agility Hurdles: Trademark Innovations Agility Hurdles

Importance Of Equipment For Player Development

Ever wondered how top soccer players sharpen their dribbling skills or develop lightning-quick reflexes? Well, the secret often lies in their training equipment. Quality gear isn’t just about flashy brands; it’s crucial for honing skills, boosting fitness, and ultimately, enhancing game performance.

Training with the right equipment can make a world of difference. Here’s how:

  • Skill Improvement: With gear like agility ladders and rebounders, you can work on precision, agility, and technique.
    • Agility Ladders: Improve your footwork speed.
    • Rebounders: Practice your passing and receiving.
  • Fitness and Stamina: Resistance parachutes and weighted vests add that extra layer of intensity to your workouts.
    • Resistance Parachutes: Increase your sprint speed under load.
    • Weighted Vests: Build strength and endurance.
  • Tactical Knowledge: Mini goals and target sheets refine your shooting accuracy and tactical awareness.
    • Mini Goals: For precision in aiming shots.
    • Target Sheets: Perfect your free-kick game.

Goalkeepers, too, have specialty equipment like goalkeeper gloves designed for different weather conditions and training balls that help improve grip and handling.

Thinking about ease of use? Most training gear is lightweight, portable, and versatile, suitable for both coaches as invaluable teaching aids and parents looking to support their child’s development.

Parents, by incorporating this equipment into play sessions, you’re giving your kids a fun way to build fundamental skills.

Let’s not forget, that regular training with proper equipment helps players avoid injuries. Better technique means less strain on your body, so you stay in top shape.

Remember, you don’t need all the expensive gear to become great, but utilizing the right tools can certainly give you an edge on the pitch!

Best Soccer Training Equipment

The best soccer training equipment will allow you to excel on your own terms and get ahead of other players.

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net

Hey, you’ve probably seen this pop up in parks and backyards, right? Portable, easy to set up, and durable – just what you need for scoring practice or a casual game. Players can use portable goals for individual training sessions. Whether practicing shooting accuracy, free kicks, or goalkeeping skills, having a portable goal provides the opportunity for players to focus on specific aspects of their game independently. This specific goal isn’t the most heavy-duty goal on the market but is still a great option for players needed a net to shoot or pass into.

What we like:

– Ultra-durable design

– Quick and easy setup

– Lightweight and portable

– Improves shooting accuracy

– Great for impromptu matches

– Suitable for all ages

Quickplay Soccer Rebound Board

QUICKPLAY Replay Station Soccer Rebound Board - Portable Dual Surface Soccer Rebounder with Adjustable Angle - Soccer Training Equipment for Control, Passing Practice

Ever feel like you need a teammate to practice those killer passes and volleys? Look no further! This rebounder gives you the touch and repetition to master the craft. Soccer rebounders allow players to practice accurate passing and improve ball control. By passing the ball against the rebounder, players receive an unpredictable return, requiring precision in their passes and touch control upon receiving the ball. This rebounder also allows for a return pass on the ground, providing a hybrid function.

What we like:

– Sturdy frame

– Adjustable angle settings

– All-weather board

– Enhances passing and receiving

– Solo training friendly

– Assists in volley and heading drills

Catapult Soccer GPS Tracker Vest

CATAPULT ONE - Track, Analyze, and Improve Your Soccer Performance (Pre-Paid Membership)

Curious about your on-field stats? This tracker vest is like having a coach that tracks every sprint, turn, and jump. It’s the pro player’s best-kept secret. GPS tracking devices record and analyze players’ movements on the field, providing valuable insights into distance covered, speed, and acceleration. Coaches, trainers, and players can use this data to assess players’ fitness levels and optimize training programs.

What we like:

– Real-time performance tracking

– Detailed post-match analysis

– Comfortable, breathable fit

– Monitors progress over time

– Provides actionable insights

– Used by professional soccer players

Forza Soccer Mannequin

Net World Sports Forza Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins [Mini, Junior & Senior] | Soccer Training Equipment | Soccer Equipment for Training | Free Kick Dummies

Whether you’re perfecting those free kicks or dribbling circles, these mannequins make for a less chatty but highly effective defender. Soccer mannequins serve as static defensive obstacles on the field, mimicking the presence of opponents. Players can practice dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques while navigating around or through the mannequins, simulating real-game scenarios.

What we like:

– Life-size design

– Durable material

– Easily visible

– Simulates real-game scenarios

– Improves dribbling and shooting skills

– Essential for set-piece training

Champion Sports Outdoor Agility Poles

Champion Sports APSET Outdoor Agility Pole Set, Yellow

Weave in and out without tripping over traditional cones. These poles provide the visual guide to boost your agility on the field. Agility poles are strategically placed to create a slalom course. You can maneuver around these poles, enhancing your dribbling skills. This helps improve ball control and the ability to navigate through tight spaces, which is crucial during actual gameplay.

What we like:

– High visibility markers

– Firm ground spikes

– Configurable placement

– Promotes quick direction changes

– Enhances dribbling speed

– Ideal for slalom runs

GHB Pro Agility Ladder

GHB Pro Agility Ladder Agility Training Ladder Speed 12 Rung 20ft with Carrying Bag

Speed matters but so does how quickly you can change direction. This ladder is a game-changer for fast feet. Practicing drills with agility ladders requires you to perform quick and explosive movements. This can contribute to increased speed, acceleration, and the ability to cover short distances rapidly.

What we like:

– Adjustable rung distances

– Easy roll-up design

– Non-slip end ties

– Improves coordination and footwork

– Boosts overall agility

– Versatile training options

Trademark Innovations Agility Hurdles

Trademark Innovations Speed Training

These hurdles help you increase that explosive power. Jump higher, and you’re already halfway to more headers won. Agility hurdles are specifically designed to enhance agility, which is the ability to change direction quickly and efficiently. Jumping over or maneuvering around hurdles helps improve footwork, coordination, and overall agility.

What we like:

– Lightweight design

– Various height options

– Easy to set up and store

– Builds leg strength

– Encourages explosive jumps

– Great for plyometric training

Other Training Aids

Looking to up your game? Let’s chat about some must-haves to go with your training equipment. Ever zipped through an agility ladder? For a complete backyard set, there are some accessories that can make the training sessions go more smoothly.

The first thing is a ball bag with 4-8 balls. This will help you limit the time shagging for balls in between reps. Make sure that you have a pair of broken-in cleats as well. They are essential for effective training. If you’re a goalie then the obvious gear you need are some goalkeeper gloves.

Keep in mind, that there are so many options to pursue for your soccer equipment. Make sure you list out things that you need versus what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do professionals use to enhance their soccer training sessions?

Professionals often use items like GPS performance trackers, agility ladders, and precision goals to sharpen their skills. High-quality soccer balls, resistance bands, and rebounders are also staples during their rigorous training.

Where can I find quality soccer training equipment online for a good price?

For great deals, browsing online retailers like Amazon,, and Dick’s Sporting Goods is a smart move. Keep an eye out for sales, discounts, and bulk purchasing options to further reduce costs.

What are some engaging soccer drills using a soccer rebounder to make training fun?

Try the one-two pass; kick the ball against the rebounder and control the return to simulate match scenarios. Incorporate a shot on goal after the return pass to blend control work with finishing skills.


You’ve just explored the realm of soccer training equipment, discovering tools designed to elevate your game. Whether you’re coaching youth players or enhancing your own skills, the right equipment can significantly influence your training effectiveness.

Agility ladders hone your speed and coordination, while rebounders and passing boards sharpen your precision. For the aspiring goalie, goalkeeper gloves and training balls are must-haves, catering to all levels from beginner to pro.

Remember, using high-quality soccer gear is not just about owning the best; it’s about making the best out of every drill session. Have you found the perfect soccer ball for your touch drills? Is your agility ladder ready for footwork training?

Gear up, get out there, and let’s transform those soccer aspirations into tangible feats.

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