Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Practice: Top 5 Ranked

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The best soccer goals for backyard practice are essential for player development. Whether you’re a parent aiming to motivate your kids, a player looking to practice outside of team drills, or simply someone who loves to host pick-up games, these goals offer a practical and enjoyable solution.

The quest for the perfect backyard soccer goal doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Durability, material quality, and portability are crucial factors to consider. 

We’ve scoured the market and the Forza Backyard PVC Goal emerges as the top pick for most backyard settings. It’s built to withstand weather elements and the rigorous play of aspiring soccer stars, offering an ideal balance of resilience and functionality.

With over 20 years of playing experience at the highest levels in the American soccer system, and as a current collegiate soccer player, I know the importance of being able to practice at your own home. 

I’ve gone through multiple soccer goals for the backyard. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best soccer goals for backyard practice.

Key Takeaways

Quality, portability, training utility, and space efficiency—all factors considered to help you make an informed decision. Remember, each goal has its unique benefits, tailored to suit your specific backyard soccer desires. Ready to score the perfect goal for your home?

Best Soccer Goals For Backyard Practice

In this section, you’ll discover the top backyard soccer goals, their key features, and why they might be the perfect fit for your space. Let’s kick off the reviews!

Forza Backyard PVC Goal

FORZA Backyard Soccer Goals – Premium Weatherproof PVC Goals (Single Goal) for Kids & Adults – Quick Assembly

Have you been on the hunt for a dependable goal that can withstand some serious play? Check out the Forza Backyard PVC Goal. They are known for their durability, thanks to the tough PVC pipes, and are a cinch to set up. Their portable design means you can easily move them around your backyard. However, they might not withstand the most ferocious shots like their steel counterparts.


  • Easy setup and transportability
  • Good for various age groups


  • Less sturdy than metal goals
SizeVarious sizes available
NettingQuality, durable netting included
PortabilityEasy to transport

Caprihom Soccer Goal

Caprihom Soccer Goal 10FTx6.5FT/8FTx 5FT/ 6FTx4FT with 2 Nets | Soccer Goals for Backyard with Weatherproof UPVC Frame,Ground Stakes | Portable PVC Full Size Soccer Goal Post for Kids and Adults

Fancy a goal that’s as easy to move as it is to store? The Caprihom Soccer Goal offers an impressive foldable design, making both setup and storage a breeze. Ideal for all ages, this goal is versatile, although it may not be suited for adult-level intensity.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Fit for adult play


  • More difficult set up
MaterialMixed materials, including steel
SizeStandard backyard size
DurabilitySturdy but less suitable for adults
PortabilityFoldable and portable

Zeny Backyard Soccer Goal

ZENY 12'x6' Portable Soccer Goal for Backyard Kids Adults Soccer Net and Frame for Home Backyard Practice Training Goals Soccer Field Equipment

Looking for something that can be up in a jiffy for a quick game? The Zeny Backyard Soccer Goal is ideal with its quick setup and included carrying bag, making it simple to store. While it boasts steel construction for a certain level of durability, you might find it’s on the lighter side compared to professional goals.


  • Carrying bag for easy portability
  • Steel frame for some durability


  • Not as portable as other options
MaterialSteel and lightweight materials
SizeConvenient for smaller backyards
PortabilityComes with a carrying bag
AssemblySets up in moments

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal and Net

Do you need a goal that can keep up with your pace? The SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Goal is a solid choice with its steel frame and easy assembly. It’s not just about how quick you can get it ready; it’s also about how long it’ll last, making it a great choice if you’re looking for longevity.


  • Straightforward assembly
  • Good overall structure/sturdiness


  • May require regular net adjustments
MaterialSteel and fabric
SizeMultiple sizes for different needs
NettingDurable with occasional adjustment
PortabilityGood for on-the-go practice

Franklin Portable Steel Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Steel Goal - All Sport Soccer, Lacrosse Field Hockey and Street Hockey Goal - 50"x42" Youth Goal and Net - Backyard Goal

What about enduring the elements year-round? The Franklin Portable Steel Soccer Goal is crafted from weather-resistant materials to ensure longevity. Although it’s designed to last, it might be less portable than other models due to its robust construction.


  • Weather-resistant for longer life
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • Smaller size, ideal for younger players or passing
MaterialSteel, weather-resistant materials
SizeYouth size
DurabilityCan endure harsh weather
PortabilityCan be moved but heavier than others

Each goal has its unique features, from the ease of setup with the Zeny goal, perfect for a spontaneous match, to the steadfastness of the Franklin goal, which stands resilient regardless of weather. Remember, your choice should match your specific needs, whether it’s the frequency of play, the level of competitiveness, or simply the size of your backyard.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Practice

When you’re looking to bring the excitement of soccer to your backyard, choosing the right goal is key! Wondering where to start? Let’s kick off with a few pointers.

Size Is Important

First, consider who’s playing. Kids or adults? Different age groups need different sizes. Here’s a quick size guide:

  • Toddlers & Young Children (Ages 2-5): 3 to 4 ft width goals
  • School-Age Children (Ages 6-11): 6 to 12 ft width goals
  • Teens & Adults (Ages 12 and up): Full-size goals (up to 24 ft width)

Remember, these sizes provide enough room to grow without overwhelming your little Messi or Marta.

Style it Up

Next up, let’s talk style! Depending on your backyard’s vibe, pick from:

  • Portable Goals: Move ’em as you please. Ideal if you multitask your space or love a good game at the park.
  • Semi-Permanent Goals: For the dedicated space. These offer more stability but aren’t cemented in, keeping your options open.
  • Pop-Up Goals: Instant fun for a quick game. They’re light, a breeze to set up, and your budget will thank you.

Material & Quality

Got to have something that lasts, right? Look for steel or high-quality plastic—both bring durability to the game. Steel screams strength, while plastic is more about that portability.

Budget & Setup

Here’s the deal:

  • Steel Goals: $$-$$$, tough setup, but they’ll weather the storm.
  • Plastic Goals: $-$$, easy setup and storage, like folding a lawn chair.
  • Pop-Up Goals: $, easiest on the wallet and for impromptu matches.

Age Group Specifics

Tailoring to your age group means everyone scores on fun. Use cones for drills or small-sided games, and when it comes to stability, check if you can anchor your goal down. No one wants a tumble mid-game!

Now you’re all set. Find that perfect soccer goal and turn your backyard into a stadium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a full-size soccer goal in a backyard, or should you go smaller?

Unless you’re blessed with a sprawling backyard, a full-size soccer goal—24 feet wide by 8 feet high—might be a bit much. You’d do better with a smaller, more manageable size that fits comfortably, letting you score goals without any window casualties.

What’s the best way to set up a soccer goal and rebounder at home?

First, make sure you’ve got enough space. Then, choose a level area to avoid runaway balls. For a sturdy setup, anchor your soccer goal and rebounder securely to the ground. You can pick a portable system for easy storage, so your grass isn’t always covered.

DIY enthusiast: How tough is it to make your own backyard soccer goal?

It’s a fun project if you’re handy! You’ll need PVC pipes, a net, and connectors. Measure and cut the pipes, assemble the frame, and attach the net. Remember, precision is key to prevent a wobbly goal—no one wants to score a goal only to have it topple over.

Our Verdict

When picking the best backyard soccer goals, the key factors you’ve got to consider are quality, size, and durability. You want something that won’t fall apart after a few games but isn’t too cumbersome to move if needed.

Our pick for the best backyard soccer goal is Forza Backyard PVC Goal. It’s plastic reinforcements are stable, it comes in many different sizes for all ages, and isn’t too hefty to move around if needed.

Portability plays a significant role if you plan to move your goal around for various backyard setups or storage purposes.

 If you’re looking for a high-quality and convenient pop-up goal, consider exploring additional portable soccer goals for practice anywhere.

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Ethan is the owner of Skillful Soccer and has over 20 years of playing experience. He is currently a collegiate soccer player and is thrilled to share his insights for all things related to soccer.